How do I add Text to my garment?

Adding Text to your garment in the Apparel Designer is pretty easy and gives you huge possibilities to extend your design.


Step 1. Brand It

Head to the Brand It page on your Apparel Designer by clicking the red NEXT button


Step 2. Add Text

Add your text by click the + sign on the right-hand side of the Apparel Designer


Step 3. Write and Style Your Text

Write and style your text by changing the colour, the font, the outline thickness, and selecting between Bold and Italics. The possibilities really are endless, especially by using the clone tool to produce a number of different effects.

The text can be moved to ANY position on the garment. See below for more details.



Step 4. Positioning Your Text

You can position your text anywhere on the garment by simply dragging and dropping to your desired location. If you want to position the text on the front of the garment, we would recommend dragging the text halfway across the garment, then drag to location.