INK Design Tip - Make Your Brand Fit Like A Glove

This is part of a series we put together showing how you can not only get started with INK, but realise it's full potential. Simplify It. Mold It. Hero It.

1. Simplify

We're not suggesting you go against your brand manager or your designer. But any great logo has a version that is simplified for specific occasions. This might be because a printer can only print in certain colours, or it might be for situations when busy environments call for it, whatever! Let's not get too boring. When designing your garment, the simpler your logo is, the better the end result. 

Firstly, reduce colours to ideally one colour. No gradients, shadows, special effect. Just your logo and one colour.

Secondly, drop the by-line. Telling people you're the best in the world at something is really important, but it looks ridiculous when it's tiny. If you want to hero the by-line, use our text styling and place it where people can see it. 

Pro Tip: White is not only a neutral, easy to work with colour, but it also is the base colour of the fabric. So the effect in real-life is a beautifully crisp logo. In summary, don't discount white. It's both versatile and produces extremely good outcomes.

If you need help recolouring your logo, send us a message or jump on live chat.


2. Mold

Use a Key-Line

This may require the help of a graphic designer, or someone that knows their way around design software. However, a simple keyline around your logo will create a really nice floating effect on patterned prints, or something a little more subtle. It will make it look like it was made for it. Alternatively, send it to us and we can take it from there.

Pro Tip. Use a key-line colour that is the same as the base colour of your garment This gives you the ability to create a tone-on-tone effect (as pictured above right), or to separate it from any underlying graphics around the logo.


Don't be afraid to rotate

You can rotate your logo a full 360 degrees. Often, longer, thinner logos really lend themselves to different placements. Like our recent work with KOA Sports, trial rotating the logo 90 degrees and placing it down either the left or right front jersey panel.

3. Hero

Our last point is pretty simple. Hero your brand, your club, your group, whomever it is that you belong to. Don't load up your new INK Garment with a list of sponsors. This is your chance to hero you, and definitely, a case of less is more!


Simplify It. Mold It. Hero It.