Standard Orders versus Team Stores

We offer two main ways to order all INK garments; Standard Orders versus Team Stores.


Standard Orders

Standard Orders provide you with the quickest turnaround and the best possible pricing. Standard Orders are perfect for people who know the sizing they need for themselves, their team, or their group. As soon as your order is confirmed and paid, production begins immediately.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 8.25.15 am

Team Stores

Team Orders provides a revolutionary pathway for teams, clubs, heck, even just your group of mates. No upfront costs. Only pay for what you sell. 

To start your Team Store, follow the process below:


Step 1: Click Team Store on the Order It page

On the Order It page of your Apparel Designer, click on INK Team Store. From there, click on Save design.


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Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 8.23.15 am

Step 2: Confirm Your Order

This is a summary of your collection. It looks like a normal checkout process, with just a few differences. Click the Finalise Order on the Pop Up (Or Continue Designing if you want to build out your collection).


Click the Blue Team Stores button to confirm you would like to setup a Team Store. This is important. From here, we just need to you confirm your Personal Details (name, email, address) and complete the Order. 


Once confirmed, your Team Store will be setup with your full collection. We will be in contact if we need any additional information from you.