INK Design Tips: Styling your Text

This is part of a series we put together showing how you can not only get started with INK, but realise it's full potential.

Choose Different Fonts, Add an Outline and Position anywhere on the garment.


Adding Text to your garment gives you the ability to either hero it in a big way, or give some personal customisation in a small way. Splash the name of your group, team or club across the chest (or anywhere for that matter) like we did for our Rough Riders office crew we have here at Black Sheep. Alternatively, you can add a small detail of a person's name (or anything your imagination begs you to) to the back of the next or front of the chest (or again, anywhere else).

INK Design Tips


You have a selection of a wide range of different fonts to use, depending on your needs. You can Bold or Italisize to add emphasis as well.


Outline is a great tool to either add a little more emphasis to your words (creates thickness when using the same base colour as your text) or to create a subtle border over the top of a patter.

Pro Tip: When using Heavy Pattern Styles (like Florals, Camo or Scribble) add an outline that is the same base colour as the jersey. This will make your text seem like it's floating.


You have a range of colours available to select for both your type colour and it's outline.

Pro Tip: We love heroing the patterns and avoiding type or logos competing against that colour pallete. When in doubt, select a white font colour on dark bases. Add an outline that is the same colour as the base (for patterns) or a highlight colour used in other locations on the garment.

Cloning and Positioning your Text

The Clone Tool (visible when using the Text Tab) allows you to copy Text Layer so you can use it in another location on the garment. You can position this layer (or any other layer) by simply dragging it to your desired location.